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Today we are going to talk about Trek Bicycle Corporation, which made itself a name that needs no advertisement. Name that became a synonym of quality and style, the name that went through time, through ups and downs, still remaining one of the best. The name is Trek.

The history of the company begins with the small team of enthusiasts led by Richard (Dick) Burke and Bevil Hogg. In 1976 these young man began working on production of bicycle frames, and in short time they achieved some very impressive results. Back then and now, the reason for this success was introduction of advanced technologies, usage of novelties, development and a constant race with competitors and.

At dawn of production, when young enthusiasts were assembling bikes in an old building, they set themselves a high bar in form of quality, technological effectiveness and reputation. Trek frames were sold in specialized shops. Before getting into mass production, the results were quite impressive. Trek frames were known on both coasts.

In the 90s Trek company successfully masters carbon fiber, using the experience and success gained while developing road bike frames. Later Trek brand bought Garry Fysher’s Mountain bike company which was beneficial for both. Increase in sales left behind such brand manes like “Specialized” and “Canondale”.

In the 2000s Trek introduced models for women which were designed in mind with women anatomy characteristics. Later on they introduced to customers their special program called “Project one” which let’s customers create their own unique design.

In present times Trek has a rich history, experience and notoriety which makes their bikes a dream to have for a lot of people. Just look at some names who rode Trek bikes: Lance Armstrong – the only rider in the world who won 7 times on the most prestigious race – Tour de France. He was an exceptional sportsman despite all the scandals surrounding him. Team “Katiusha” prefers Trek brand bikes. Fabian Cancellara, Bob Jungles, Frank Schlek and others.

 Nowadays working on production are some of the loudest names in the industry. Names like Garry Fisher, Keith Bontrager, Gregg Lemond. Trek continues it’s successful activity making high quality frames. All Trek models in all classes differ from their competitors with ideal components and unique constructive decisions. Trek only uses high quality materials and that why they give full life warranty on their bikes.


If cars have long ceased to be a luxury and have become a practical means of transportation, the bike still remains in the list of vehicles that bring its owner joy and unforgettable experience. And it does not matter whether you are going on a bike ride or preparing for a race, what is important, is a bike which you choose for yourself.

That is why both cycling enthusiasts and professionals pay close attention to parameters such as reliability of the bicycle, its maneuverability, performance characteristics, weight and design, and only then the price is taken into account.

In today s market, bicycles are represented by a huge number of models and brands’, one of the most famous of which is “TREK”. Trek – is a legendary brand with rich history, you can purchase their products in more then 90 countries around the world.

It all started in 1976 with a small team of enthusiasts who gathered together under the leadership of Richard (Dick) Burke (president of electronics distribution company) and Bevil Hogg (bike shop owner), and came up with a name for themselves, which later became synonymous with impeccable quality and style. Today, Trek holds firmly in the top ten manufacturers of bicycles in the world.

So, what is the secret of this brands’ success? First of all, its worth noting the continuous improvement of their products and companies enviable persistence in this regard. This allows them to achieve impressive results, such as production of their own unique, lightweight carbon frames and development of special programs such as “Project One” – which allows customers to create their own design, and many more.


Companies history

The world first heard about the brand in 1976. Five people started working in a warehouse in an old building, assembling bicycle frames. The right course was taken from the very beginning, which subsequently allowed the company to quickly form an impeccable reputation: all products manufactured under the Trek brand were sold only through specialized bicycle shops. This allowed company to immediately set high standards of quality, which are kept to this day.

Two years after foundation of the corporation, Trek’s name was known on both American coasts. A year later, the annual value of sold products exceeded 750.000 USD, and this was just the beginning. In 1980, after the relocation of the factory to Waterloo, the company was able to start mass production of bicycles.

The manufacturer managed to establish cooperation with several companies from Taiwan, which helped with production of some bicycle models. Sales began to grow exponentially.

Having achieved stunning results in the development and production of road bikes, the company decided to master a new niche, and in 1983, the production of mountain bikes was launched, among the distinctive features of which were ergonomic seats, thicker tires and a greater number of gears.

Tim Isaak, one of the company’s best engineers, at that time developed Trek-850 (steel frame bike), which received a lot of attention from the public at world competitions in California.

Difficult times began in 1985, when Bevil Hogg left the company. He wasn’t able to agree with his partner on certain issues. However, despite the difficulties the company continued to develop and improve its products. Next milestone in companies development was the release of “Trek-2000”- road bike model, which had a lightweight aluminum frame.

That model was later replaced by “Trek-2500”, which had a carbon fiber frame. Treks new frame had great characteristics: it was rigid, reliable and lightweight. The company was developing not only in direction of bicycle production, but also in 1987, they launched production of cycling clothing. Two years later, “Jazz” series of models for kids were born.

The 90s became the period of innovation. Particular attention was paid to finding new solutions in development of lightweight frames. The solution was carbon fiber – a material from which the company created an ultra-lightweight bicycle frame that weighed only slightly more then 1 kg.

First road bike model wich had a carbon frame was “Trek 5500”, later, this material was used in production of mountain bike models “9800” and “9900”.

Around the same time, the manufacturer decided to turn its attention to European and Japanese markets. There were many reasons for entering the international arena. One of them – the decline in sales of bikes in the US markets.

The company faced considerable difficulties in new markets. American bicycle companies didn’t have great reputation and the competition was fierce.

1993 was a year of Trek’s triumph. The brand bought “Gary Fishers Mountain Bike Company”, and after the deal was concluded, the sales of this company bicycles have increased tenfold. That year Trek left behind many of its competitors, including such well-known brands’ as Cannondale and Specialized.

By 1994, the manufacturer had already released 65 bike models, among which were not only Road and Mountain bikes, but also hybrid bicycles and tandems. Later a new line of children’s bikes appeared called – “Trek kids”. 

By 1995, Trek launched another factory – Whitewater, thanks to which the manufacturer’s capabilities have significantly expanded: now the company could produce about 3,000 bikes per day.

The same year, the company bought two smaller competitors from Washington and California. Another important milestone during this period was the signing of a 10-year contract with Greg LeMond, a road cycling star.

In 2000, the manufacturer introduced another type of bicycle to the world market: female models of bicycles that took into account the anatomy features of the beautiful half of humanity.

In 2001, the company went even further: the manufacturer offered any customer to create their own unique bicycle design, using the special “PROJECT ONE” program, from more then 10,000 colors and different components. Since then no other brand had similar programs yet.

In 2002, riding a Trek bicycle, Tim DeBoom won the Ironman World Championship, which was held in Hawaii.


In conclusion

Today Trek is one of the undoubted leaders among the manufacturers of bicycles. In addition to its main activity, the company also sponsors several well-known cycling teams, is engaged in charity and is helping cancer patients and children.

The company provides its teams not only with bicycles, but also with mechanics. In addition, the company organizes bicycle tours to different parts of the world.

The company directs its main attention primarily to the production and improvement of bicycles. During its existence, the manufacturer has done a lot to make the Road, Mountain, and Hybrid bikes more maneuverable, durable, reliable, lightweight, and comfortable to use.

The company not only developed several fundamentally different models of bicycles (mountain, road, hybrids), but also took into account the interests of different groups of its customers. Married couples got the opportunity to purchase tandem bicycles that will diversify families outdoor activities, making them healthier and more interesting.

Company produces several models of bikes for kids, each of which deserves attention. In a separate category are women’s bicycles. They are lightweight and designed in a way that takes into account anatomical features of the female body. In short, no one is left without attention.

At the same time, regardless of which bike model we are talking about, you can be sure that it is going to be a reliable, durable and maneuverable bicycle. After all, this is Trek. And that is saying a lot!

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  1. I don’t know how to ride a bike but I love the bike that can endure the rough road.

    1. you should definitely learn how to ride a bike. It’s both fun and good for your health . Cheers

  2. Amazing, now i need one of these. Cant wait to get it)

  3. great review of Trek. Its interesting to learn how the company has grown since its beginnings.

  4. Wow! I can’t believe TREK has been around that long. I definitely like the way they have kept it dancing their bikes. What’s even more positive is how they decided to create a bike for women. Much-needed and way ahead of their time by getting a jump on the market.

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