Shimano Tiagra 4700

Shimano Tiagra 4700 groupset now looks a lot more like it’s older Shimano siblings. Featuring the same design as found on Shimano’s higher-end 105 Ultegra enduro race group sets. 

Unlike it’s older siblings, it still hasn’t stepped up to 11 speed and Tiagra continues to have only 10 speed gears on the rear. 

Up front Shimano has dropped the gear indicators on shifters and has changed the design to look a lot more like Shimano 105 system. 

Shinamo Tiagra has also joined the modern world of cable routing with the gear cables are now being routed under the bar tape rather than sticking out of the side of the shifters. This more sensible routing is far more efficient and helps limit wear and tear.

  • Another helpful addition is a built in reach adjustment screw under the hoods. Speaking of breaking the leavers and design show strong family resemblance to Shimano’s other systems. The dual pivot setup is light, the performance is good with increased modulation. The hoods are comfortable to lean on and Shimano increased the leaver range to give the riders an extra leverage when shifting and breaking both of which are crisp and solid.

For comparison Tiagra typically comes in around 2800 grams which is roughly 300 grams more than 105. The chain sets available in a 50:34 tooth compact, or 52:36 tooth semi-compact. If you opt for the triple it will come in a 50:39:30 arrangement. The crank lengths are available from 165mm to 175mm.

  • Meanwhile the rear derailleur can come in either short cage or long cage. The shorter option can handle cassette with the largest sprocket of 28 teeth. The longer cage can take a 34 tooth on a double setup or 32 tooth option on a triple.It’s allowed Shimano to match their competitors and also give the option of a sport friendly setup.

The brake pads are adjustable but the are one piece, meaning if the pads are worn out you’ll need to replace the whole unit rather than just a brake pad. 

There are four cassette options with Tiagra 4700 system and the ranges are available from 11 to 25 to 11 to 34. Pair these with the compact chainset and there will be plenty of range to tackle even the toughest climbs.

  • Ultimately Shimano’s Tiagra system is a great group set. Has the same high end looks as it’s higher value siblings, and breaking and shifting to match. The only downside is it still is a ten-speed

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