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People today prefer a healthy and active lifestyle. Cycling is a great way to improve both your body shape and health.

Among all the different bicycle models Scott Sports stands out the most. Plenty of people have already noted its advantages.

In order to understand where the trust to this brand comes from we must first take a look at its history.

Scott history

The history begins in 1958 when an American engineer Ed Scott from Sun Valley, Idaho, made first ski poles from aluminum. Before that they were made either from steel or bamboo, but aluminum turned out to be a lot better.

This success allowed the company to start production of many sporting goods. In the 70 Scott made their firs protective goggles for motocross and followed with motocross wear.

They started working on their first bike model which became available in 1986. This became a breakthrough for companies development, and from that moment the contribution of Scott engineers to the world of cycling became prominent.

Later Scott Sports developed first aerodynamic handlebars, thanks to which Greg LeMond won a 1989 Tour de France. Six years later they released a full suspension mountain bike model. Nothing like it was invented before that.

Another six years later their G-Zero full suspension bike model became the lightest in the world. That played a major role in world of cycling development. After that Scott Sports started to break their own records. For example in 2001 they introduced to the public their scandium aluminum alloy frame which weighed less than a kilogram.

Scott brand

Scott cycling products have always amazed the world with their different solution approach. A lot of competing bike companies used their ideas, but nobody could deliver on the same level.

The difference between Scott bikes and others is that Scott bicycles were constantly participating in races. You might ask, what’s the big deal? A lot of bicycle companies were participating in races. But participating is one thing, and winning is other.

As i already mentioned Greg LeMond won a 1989 Tour de France race on Scott bicycle. That was only beginning, soon after other victories followed.

Their Hardtail model “Scale” was recognized as best among its competitors, and brought a lot of wins to its owners. If we take a closer look at this model it will be hard not to notice some of its features. The frame is made out of carbon fiber and weights less than one kilogram. Nobody could reach such result before. Despite its weight, the bike was considered to be robust, reliable and safe.

Scott brand differs from other manufacturers with its innovation ideas and technologies, its engineers became first creators of frames for full suspension mountain bikes.

This frame is made out of composite materials which are based on carbon fiber. The weight of the frame with rear suspension is only 1.9 kilograms.

These and other developments and technologies are fully implemented in all their mass-produced models, that’s why they are excellent competitors to other world-class companies.

Scott models

  • “SCALE” – I already talked about this model in this post. A couple of years ago Scott implemented new technology that makes driving off-road even more viable compared to riding on other different surfaces. Scott “Scale rc700” is a better model in this class.
  • “SPORTSTER” – These series of models are known for their multi functionality. Sportster frames are made out of hydro formed aluminum alloy. They have great design. Sportster models are great for city riding. 28 inch wheels, high speed characteristics and a lot of options make this model stand out.
  • “ASPECT” – Like in other models we can see technological innovations and comfort implemented to the fullest here. These are bikes for everyday riding.” ASPECT” models are known for providing a comfortable position for rider on longer rides, and great overall handling of a bike even in harsh conditions. Saddles are more comfortable, handlebars are riser style. Small bumps and vibrations are barely noticeable, which makes this bike very practical.
  • “VOLTAGE” – Models are very popular among younger audience who strive more towards extreme riding. All frames are made out of aluminum alloy. Well known racers and extreme riders were working on this collection.

In conclusion

Scott bikes have some great models in their line-up, they have unparalleled advantages over other bikes. Thanks to big assortment everybody can choose a bike for themselves to get fit, improve their health and stand out in process. I chose Scott’s brand bikes and was never disappointed.

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  1. Wow I didn’t even know much about the Scott brand, the ingenuity and setup of their bikes look well-made. I particularly like the Sportster for city riding. Good post!

    1. Thanks for your comment. Scott is one of top MTB brands hands down.

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