Mountain bikes for sale – buyers guide

When searching for mountain bikes for sale there are some basics to think about :

  • where do you plan on riding a bike
  • whats your budget
  • what size of bike you need


Road bikes

First off, where will you be riding your bike? On streets and sidewalks, on trails, or a mix of both? 

For riding on smooth pavement look for a road bike

A road bike has a lighter frame, drop bars that offer multiple hand positions for longer rides and narrow tires that are fast and efficient. 

The road bike design places your body in a more aggressive riding position, helping to deliver power to your pedals more efficiently. It’s also more aerodynamic than other bikes. Road bikes usually weigh 15 to 25 pounds(7 – 12kg)


Mountain bike

If you want to ride dirt roads or rocky trails take a look at a mountain bike. Mountain bikes have wide and knobby tires, durable components, low gear ranges and wide handlebars. Frame  geometry places your body in a more upright position for more comfort and stability. 

A full suspension mountain bike has shocks in front and rear to absorb bumps and jumps. A hardtail mountain bike has only front suspension and is usually lighter than a full suspension mountain bike, but does not offer the same level of comfort and shok absorption.

 With the added suspension and beefed up parts mountain bikes usually weigh between 25 and 40 pounds(12 – 19kg)


Hybrid bike

If you are riding mainly in the city but also spending some time on a dirt paths, a hybrid bike offers a mix of both Road and Mountain bike characteristics. 

A hybrid bike often has flat handlebars, a rigid frame with a fairly comfortable upright sitting position, and mid sized semi-smooth tires which can handle both city streets and light dirt paths. Hybrids usually weigh 20 to 35 pounds(9 – 16kg)


Cruiser bike

If you like to cruise your neighborhood or do short bike path rides then check out comfort cruiser bikes. These have more comfortable seats and easy to reach handlebars for an upright and relaxed riding position.

 The tires are designed to absorb more of the bumps on the road. A Comfort or a Cruiser bike usually weighs 30 to 40 pounds(13 – 19kg)

In each category you can find bikes that are considered women’s specific, meaning they are designed to better fit a woman’s body. Female specific bikes feature shorter reach frames, women’s saddles and grips for smaller hands.

  • Next: what’s your price range? With frames and parts you often pay more to get lighter weight and higher precision. Frames are most commonly made of steel, aluminum or carbon fiber. There are many brands of components, that is all the parts that attach to the frame. The wheels, brakes, derailleurs, cassettes, chainrings, shifters and shocks. If you’re buying a complete bike the components will come pre-selected for the model of bike.
  • Now look at the size and fit. Use the manufacturers size guide to choose the right frame size based on your hight. Some bikes are only offered in one size, but most are offered in a range of sizes to best fit each rider.

Once you buy your bike online keep in mind it will take some assembly before you can ride it. Any time you are buying a bike online DO YOUR RESEARCH. Read reviews and contact the manufacturer for questions.



Mountain bikes are designed for off-road riding, but they are also quite comfortable for riding on roads and in urban environment. In some cities a cyclist can meet both. The MTB family has bikes both for amateur and professional riding, stunts and tourism.

From mountain biking to city riding

To date, mountain bikes have become perhaps the most common type of bicycle transport. Despite their name, these bikes can be found not only in the mountains. If you pay attention to urban cyclists, you can see that most riders prefer MTB over other bicycle models.

The popularity of mountain bikes is due to their convenience, practicality and versatility. In addition, MTB “family” includes many bicycle varieties designed for different conditions and styles of riding. In a MTB class you can find a model for every taste.

What is a mountain bike

Mountain bikes, also known as “MTB” (mountain bike) or “ATB” (all-terrain bike) – are a type of bicycles designed for riding off-road and/or on uneven terrain. The second version of the name hints that such bikes are in fact “all-terrain vehicles”. Their frame geometry is designed for riding over obstacles such as: roots, rocks, drops and jumps.

What makes mountain bikes different?

The bottom bracket on MTB models is located on the same level as wheels hubs (or slightly lower). Due to this, obstacles will not interfere with pedaling. Compared to Road bikes, MTBs are distinguished by a wider wheel base (the distance between rear and front hub axles). This design makes them slower, but much more controllable and reliable. Expanded wheel base improves stability, contributes to a better distribution of loads.

How much does a mountain bike weigh?

Given the high loads that mountain bikes have to withstand, they are equipped with durable frames. Because of this feature, they are heavier than Road or Hybrid bikes.

The weight of a mountain bike depends on many factors, in particular, the material and design of the frame. The heaviest models are equipped with a steel frames. However, modern bikes are made of chrome-molybdenum steel (CroMo). These frames are durable, reliable, and weigh just slightly more than aluminum frames.

Most widespread frames are aluminum. You can find these frames on almost all models in all price ranges. They are relatively low weight, but at the same time have sufficient strength.

Lightest frames are made out of carbon fiber. Unfortunately, the production of carbon frames is complicated and expensive, which results in their high cost. Usually mountain bikes with carbon frames are represented in the top segment.

However, the weight of the MTB depends on a lot of details. It is affected by the presence of shock absorbers, as well as the weight of each component. Among mountain bikes for adults there are models that weigh 10 to 20 kg. Sport models for specific riding styles can weigh more or less.

Types of mountain bikes

  • Rigid – mountain bikes without rear suspension and with a rigid front fork. Due to the lack of suspension, these models have minimum weight. Rigid models are fast and easy for climbing. However, they are not very popular among cyclists, even for city riding, due to the quality of some roads, the lack of suspension makes them less comfortable on longer rides.
  • Hardtail – the most demanded design with a suspension fork. These bikes are a kind of “gold standard” for ATBs. The front suspensioon is not too heavy, but it significantly increases the comfort of riding. Their riding characteristics are optimal balance between speed, stability and reliability. Hardtails are used for many riding styles. They are suitable for everyday riding, amateur or sports cross-country, All-Mountain, dirt and street.
  • Full suspension – models are equipped with front and rear suspension. Its disadvantages include loss of energy when pedaling, more weight and higher cost. Full suspension mountain bikes are used for extreme styles of riding, where the weight is not that important, and suspension is extremely useful. These types of bicycles are used for downhill and free ride disciplines. More versatile models are also used for regular riding on uneven terrain.

Hardtail mountain bikes with light aluminum frames and more upright riding position are considered to be a typical urban model.

Mountain bikes are suitable both for men and women. However, some manufacturers create models that have some distinctive features, designed specifically for women. These features include a sloping top tube, a smaller distance between saddle and handlebars and a wider saddle.

How much does a mountain bike cost

Price is an important issue when selecting an MTB. Among models there are both budget options and expensive bikes. A win-win solution is not to choose between “expensive” or “cheap” bicycle, but to search for a model that is most suitable for you in the affordable price range.

You can find a decent and reliable MTB even among budget models that cost around 300$. Starting from 700$, you can find a more sophisticated urban models and even entry level sport bikes. When selecting an inexpensive model, first of all, pay attention to the frame: design, quality, weight. Other components like pedals, suspension fork, wheels and derailleurs can be gradually replaced (upgraded).

How to buy a mountain bike

Due to immense popularity of cycling, mountain bikes are sold everywhere these days. But it should be understood that buying a “nameless” bicycle in a supermarket is an unwarranted risk. A suitable place to purchase bikes are specialized shops. There, you can take a look at different models, try different sizes, and consult with a specialist. Bicycle stores offer good products with warranty and certificates.

You can also buy high-quality bikes without any risk on large internet sites with good reputation. In online stores, there’s usually a significantly larger selection of models. In addition, the prices can be noticeably lower.

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  1. Interesting page, made me think about my own failing attempts at taking up cycling lol…. I think the wheels on our bikes are cheap as they seem to buckle real easy. Not sure if I can get these straightened or whether I should buy a new pair more durable?

    It would be good to have them fixed for the Summer!

    Thanks for the information, sometimes we don’t think of all those points you raised!

    1. i’d recommend buying double wall rims, they are much more durable 🙂

  2. What type of bike would you recommend for an adult beginner?

    No one ever taught me to ride a bike as a kid, so I’m a 32 year old that has no clue. Just by reading your descriptions I would assume the comfort cruiser bike but I don’t actually know.

    1. personally i would not recommend a cruiser.(they are bad for your back on the longer rides) i’d suggest a hybrid or a MTB Hardtail. they are 10x times more fun to ride and safer as well. but remember: proper bike size is 90% of comfort on any type of bike.

  3. Hi, Roman, I’d definitely be going with a hybrid since I live near a major urban area (about 25 minutes away) but if I drive 20 minutes in the opposite direction, I’m in the sticks. Also, I live near trails as well, smooth ones that are as wide as a one-lane road, but still others that are strictly bike trails. Lots of variety here.

    1. excellent decision. i myself have both a Hybrid and a MTB.

  4. Hey Roman,

    I always wanted to try mountain biking but because I’m female ended up with a speed bike. I guess the tomboy in me never did win. Now that I’m in my adulthood maybe it’s time to venture in that direction. This site certainly give me a lot to think about, thank you.

    1. Try it, you’ll love it. : )

  5. I recently moved from Texas to Florida and left my bike behind. The clock is ticking for when it gets too hot here for riding, so I really want/need a new bike to ride. I really like the idea of a cruiser as those are pretty popular here as well. I don’t see any links for the purchase of the bicycles?

    1. this is a new website. no links yet. working on it… thanks for the comment

  6. What do you think about Cyclocross bikes?

    1. love them.they are the only type of road bikes for me.

  7. Wow, had not realised there is a different mountain bike for different landscapes, love the look of the cruiser bikes in particular. The fact that it can absorb more bumps on the road is especially attractive. This is because I am not the most confident rider, so thank you so much for bringing this yo my attention!

    1. Cruisers have their place. they are comfortable for short rides. and they look great.

  8. I love my mountain bike, it only has the front suspension and does not tire me out during my rides. We change up between paved paths and rougher paths when we ride. The bigger tires are not a problem for me on the paved paths and are a big help when you have small rocks to contend with. I have a bike rack for the trailer hitch and we just take the bikes with us when we go to a park to ride, so much easier than throwing them in the back of the pickup.
    My son has a mountain bike with full suspension, he is rough on the back tire, likes to slam on the brakes on hills and skid the tire. Is there a tire that you can recommend that would last a little longer.

    1. i myself am a hardtail kind of guy. fullsus is just not for me.

    2. About the tires… I know “Continental” has a couple of durable models in their line up. Also you can check out my post on Kenda tires

  9. What a nice post you wrote! I really enjoyed reading it and I could not be silent about your post so I decided to leave my comment here and say Thank You! For sharing this quality post with others.
    Actually this is exactly the information that I was looking for about mountain bikes and when I landed to your website and read this post, it answered all my questions in details.
    So I’m happy that you decided to write about this topic and share it with people. It’s very useful and can definitely be used as a great source for how to purchase mountain bikes.

    I will come back to your website again for sure and I’m looking forward to read your new posts.)


    1. i’m glad i helped. Thanks for your kind words.

  10. I just recently sold my old bike and is now looking at acquiring a new one. Love to see this buyer’s guide.

    Can you make a list of your recommendation? As you know, the market is full of products and sales pitches. It’s really hard to find the right one for me.

    Thanks of sharing.

    1. I’ve just started working on such list. It will have three categories: sub 500$, sub 1000$ & over 1000$. What do you think?

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