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It’s no secret that the comfort of a ride on a bicycle directly depends on tires. Kenda is one of the leaders in production of rubber tires and bicycle accessories and it has been on top of the industry for decades.

Kenda: company history

The brand Kenda was started in Taiwan by Chin Pao Yang in 1962. Company had around 50 workers at the beginning, and in 12 years they managed to produce unique tire with light reflectors which were certified in Germany.

Growing their production year after year in 2005 they were producing 20.000 tires and 30.000 tubes daily. Kenda today is an acknowledged leader of the industry.

Kenda’s most popular products are bicycle tires, but the company is actively developing and producing tires for other vehicles such as:

  • cars
  • trucks
  • motorcycles
  • scooters
  • agricultural machinery

Before going into production each type of product undergoes a lengthy inspection procedure.

Kenda has its HQ in many countries besides Taiwan. Countries like China, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam and Hong-Kong.

Which bicycle tires to choose

Kenda is manufacturing bicycle tires for all occasions. The most important thing to pay attention to when choosing a tire for your bike is the riding style and the type of the bike you have. Kenda develops and produces tires for all types of bikes: City bikes, Road bikes and Mountain bikes.

It is important for tires to have good traction with surface. For city riding its better to have a semi-slick tires with ankers on sides. For roads, slick tires with kevlar cord are your best bet, but they won’t behave well on rougher terrain. For more difficult routs, or riding in cold, makes sense to have a pair of winter tires, which have better control on ice and snow.

Next thing to pay attention to is the size of the wheel. You can determine your wheel size by markings on the side of the tire, or by simply asking a consultant at your local bike shop. The sizes differ depending on the type of bike you riding.

  • 16, 18, 20 inches – bikes for kids
  • 22, 24 – bikes for teens
  • 26, 27.5, 29 – bikes for adults

Another important thing is the thickness of tubes. The stronger the material from which it is made the less weight it will have. Sport bikes have 0.9mm, 0.6mm is considered acceptable. But for racing competitions most riders gravitate towards 1.2mm for more puncture resistance.

Another thing to keep in mind is how quickly the tire wears out, this depends on material as well. Kenda offers its customers special colored wear indicators. Before purchasing, you need to clarify the material from wich the tire is made of, Surface material (tread), casing material (Nylon or durable fabric), beads (kevlar or steel).

Today there are bike tires with improved puncture protection (tubeless tires). We are going to talk about them next.


Kenda tubeless tires

Kenda offers two tubeless tire types: “Kinetics” – this is considered standard, and “Kharisma” – lightweight. These tires are durable and reliable. Kinetics tires are very rigid which means that you going to have an excellent traction on soil, gravel, dirt, roots and rocky terrain. In deep mud they behave a little worse, since the mud that sticks to the wheel increases some of its rolling resistance

Another advantage of “Kinetics” tires is their ability to make sharp turns on high speed. This is great for cross-country riders.

Each tire weights around 880 grams. This is a lot compared to other models. But this is a planned design decision, these tires are made for driving over rougher terrain, which in itself is a job that not every tire is capable of.

Kenda “Kharisma” tires on the other hand are much smaller. They have medium size treads with simple pattern which provides better rolling resistance. This model is also suitable for riding cross-country but at lower speed. Their weight is 750 grams, which is lighter than the previous model, but still is considered not to be “lightweight”.


Kenda MTB/ATV tires

Kenda’s “Small Block Eight” tires are made for mountain paths, but they perform badly on slippery roads trails and on wet dirt. These tires have very low rolling resistance. Their main disadvantage is weight – 888 grams. They look very bulky thanks to their pattern design.

“Small Block Eight” tires are good both for recreational and extreme riding. They have low rolling resistance and they are good for sharp turns on high speed.


Road bike tires

“Koncept K-191” is a high-tech road bike tire with a stylish design. The tire has increased puncture protection, its good at accelerating, maintaining speed and cornering. Durability of this product is ensured by the use of high-end materials. This tire has high performance value and a high price tag.


Kenda tires for slippery roads.

If you are looking for a lightweight tires for wet/slippery roads, look no further. “Kwick Roller” is a great option for people who ride in rain/snow conditions. They are not designed for longer trips because they cannot support heavy loads, but they truly shine when it comes to performance in rain or snow. Cornering is effortless, holding balance is easy and they practically have no sway. These tires have thin sidewalls, which makes it easy to puncture them.


Kenda winter tires

“Kenda Klondike-K” with steel cord is a model designed specially for riding in snow. This model is bigger and heavier then summer tire. It has an improved grip on snow roads thanks to the “open square” pattern. You can use these tires both on front and rear wheels.


Universal Kenda tires

“Kenda Nevegal” is probably the best representative of this category. This model is relatively lightweight (600 grams), it has high outer tread design which allows riding even on rocky surfaces. Tire has low rolling resistance because center tread is almost flat and the semi-soft outer tread is raised.

All this makes the bike equipped with these tires easy to control while cornering. Long climbs, on the other hand, might present a problem. Also, they do not perform well in wet conditions, so riding on these tires when its raining is not a good idea. “Navegal” is a classical model known for its reliability and durability.


Kenda tires with puncture protection

“Kenda Kaliente Pro L3R” is a relatively new model, but its already became favorite among users. This models improved puncture resistance is based on the “Iron Cloak” technology. In addition to that it has a heavy-duty aramid casing and a stylish design in three colors (red, white and black).
The tire has a thin tread which leaves a narrow trail, which provides low rolling resistance. This model is great for long rides and long term usage, it is reliable and competitive. 

The developers made sure that while maintaining the quality of competing models of this class, the price remains acceptable.



Kenda kids bike Tyres

Kenda also develops tires for kids bikes. “Kenda-K 921 12” with symmetric fish pattern is a great example. This pattern has great traction on uneven surfaces and makes it easy to overcome small obstacles. In addition kids will appreciate the possibility to leave behind them such an original footprint.



Kenda mainly produces wide tires with characteristics such as stability, durability, good grip, low rolling resistance, ability to overcome obstacles and cornering at high speed. The existing prejudice that narrow lightweight tires are higher in quality is disproved by the practice of riding in rough road conditions and in different styles.Kenda cares about the reliability of its products and offers customers affordable prices, while remaining the leader in terms of price to quality ratio. Kenda is still actively developing, offering annually new models of tires and accessories that meet modern day’s cycling requirements.



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  1. I do mountain biking, what’re the most suitable tires for a mountain bike?. I am also curious about the tubeless tires, How do you inflate the tires when they are flat?

    1. it depends. If you ride both city and off road then get a semi-slick tires. if just off road then treaded. if you ride extreme off road – then you need tires with deep tread. it really is not that complicated – the smoother the surface the lesser the tread.

  2. My son’s bike will need tires this spring. Your information on mountain bike tires by Kenda comes at a perfect time. The Kinetics looks like the tire he should use as he does some off roading on trails. He does ride on the street sometimes though.

    Would this be a good dual purpose for road and trail riding.

    1. Kinetics are great. not best for riding in city, but they will work just fine. Make sure that the set of wheels (rims) on your son’s bike is tubeless ready before you buy them. I’d also recommend taking a look at Kenda’s “Small Block Eight” tires

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