Hardtail mountain bike

Top reasons to buy a hardtail.

Today we are going to take a look at some  reasons to own a Hardtail mountain bike:

A lot of people prefer the ride that hardtail provides, that straight transfer when you are rolling on the ground and when you are pedaling. It is more efficient, you climb faster and easier, and the descents can be a lot of fun. You really need to control that bike and its great for improving your skills and building a base to work from. So when you do switch to full suspension you can really learn how to pump correctly, turn correctly and jump good as well.

  • They are easy to service no bearings no suspension not much that you are going to need to service just clean your bike after a ride and you are ready for the next one

Simplicity and a lack of things that can go wrong – is one of the reasons why a lot of adventure racers use a hardtail. There’s no linkage system no rear pivots no rear suspension to worry about.

  • They are great for pump tracks. Probably where they shine the most. The Fastest type of mountain bike on the pump track. All the energy you generate goes into forward motion. Full suspension bikes can’t compete with a hardtail when it comes to pumping

All that efficiency translates to being great for jumping. All dirt jumpers and street riders choose to ride hardtail. The pump and boost you get on a hardtail feels great. They really are best bikes for riding street and dirt jumping.

  • Hardtails are really lightweight and that’s mainly due to the fact that they are constructed out of one piece. There’s no linkage system no rear suspension no bearings which add a lot of weight to the bike. That is why many Cross country racers choose them over full suspension.

Great reason to choose hardtail is because they are cheaper than full suspension bikes. They make a good entry level mountain bikes and compared to a full suspension mountain bike you get a higher level components for the same money you spend

  • They era versatile. They can perform well in any mountain bike category. You name it. Cross country, Trails, Jumps, Street and even Downhill.

They look great. Their simple and straight forward design looks awesome. Compare them to full suspension bikes design and you tell me which one is more aesthetically pleasing.


So what are your thoughts on hardtail mountain bikes?


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  1. I ride a hard mountain bike, it is not uncomfortable to ride on most trails. It is lightweight and easy to take when we travel.
    I would recommend this type of bike to any of my biking friends.
    I did have a hard tail Harley when I was a lot younger. It was rough on my back though.

    1. To me true MTB experience can only be achieved on a Hardtail.

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