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Giant is a Taiwanese concern, one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in the world. The company has huge production facilities. Giant also makes components and bicycles for such iconic bicycle manufacturers with a worldwide reputation, like Colnago, Trek Bicycle Corporation, SCOTT and others. If you believe official statistics, more than half of all the world’s bikes are assembled at the Giant factories.


Company was founded in 1972. At that time it was a small Taiwanese manufacture that simply assembled bicycles for other companies from their components. European companies were attracted by cheap Chinese labor, so there were always enough people who wanted to place orders in China.

The company’s founder, King Liu, also assembled bicycles for Nishiki and Schwinn, which were selling well in Europe, Japan and China itself. In 1980, GIANT Manufacturing company became Taiwan’s leading bicycle manufacturer.

The demand was increasing quickly, so in mid-eighties, new companies president Bill Austin decided to start his own production under the brand name “Giant”. Being an enterprising businessman, Bill Austin Started opening factories in the Netherlands, USA, Japan, China, Canada and Australia, one after another.

And all this was done just in a couple of years! In 1998, Giant made over 2.800 000 bikes, and in 2006 their number exceeded 5.000 000. Production was increasing year after year, but nobody knows the exact figures.

In companies history there were difficult periods, ups and downs and even scandals with competitors. There were also episodes of dishonest marketing. For example, Giant’s production facilities were partially inherited from Schwinn. In the 1980s Giant in Taiwan produced a record number of bicycles for Schwinn and sent them to the American market. As time went on, it became unprofitable for Schwinn to pay for Giant’s products, And they decided (behind Giant’s back) to contract Chinese company “China Bicycle”.

Giant was left without orders and began its own production (partially on Schwinn equipment). But Giant’s production was not doing well in terms of sales in United States because nobody wanted to purchase bikes of an unknown brand. Giant sent marketers to USA who persuaded sports shop owners to abandon sales of Schwinn bicycles and start selling Giant’s bikes, wich were identical to Schwinn’s and only differed in name and were much cheaper.

Taiwanese brand was never chasing high prices. They are producing bicycles with prices that start at 200 USD. This, apparently, was the decisive factor that helped Giant to become in real giant in the industry.

Today, Giant sponsors several major competitions in various cycling disciplines and finances several teams such as “Rabobank”

Giant’s bicycle models

Giant’s factories produce, probably, all existing models. Among mountain bikes there are models for recreational and off-road riding ass well as serious professional models for downhill competitions.

They are represented in hardtail models such as Sierra, Boulder, Terrago, etc. and full suspension mountain bike models such as Anthem, Glory, Trance and many others. Comfort models come equipped with 26 and 28 inch size wheels.

When it comes to road bikes there are options both for beginners and professionals. All road bike models have carbon frames which are made by Giant. Not all brands can afford the production of their own carbon frames, for example, Specialized orders them in Japan.

Giant’s cruiser bike models are appreciated by customers for their design and comfort. These lightweight and comfortable models are ideal for weekend rides.

Giant also releases a lot of models for teenagers, which are considered to be among most active buyers around the world. Giant’s kids bike models are colorful, comfortable and safe.

Giant’s technologies

Giant pays a lot of attention to development and innovation. We owe it to this brand for the appearance of high-quality, low weight and affordable aluminum and carbon frames.

  • “Compact road” frame design for road bikes developed by Giant. Rigid, low-weight frame with excellent performance.
  • “Maestro” rear suspension technology, which made a real sensation in the world of cycling, also originally belongs to Taiwanese concern.
  • “Diamond shield” is Giant’s patented paint coating technology. During painting process the amount of paint that is used is 2 times less than in normal process. This reduces the weight of the frame without compromising quality. Moreover, this coating is so durable that it can withstand any road rubble.
  • “Advanced Composite” is a technology for producing solid carbon frames without welds. These frames are extremely durable, stiff and comfortable.
  • “Fluid Form” – technology of production of aluminum frames using a special press. Frames that are made using this technology are lighter and more durable compared to other aluminum frames.


I have already mentioned that Giant is one of the few brands that produces their own frames for their entire model range. Naturally, the company is interested in quality and therefore it controls it very carefully.

All components and frames and assembly is carried out at concerns factories, so there’s practically no cause for complaints, despite the low price of their many models.

The quality of their products is also indicated by the fact that Giant provides bicycles for their professional teams, wich are consistently able to take first places in world competitions.

Patented Giant’s technologies have no equal. Their developments have really made a revolution in cycling world. Very few companies are able to compete with them on the same level.

Companies large range of models is very diverse. You can find both aluminum and carbon frames. And since the brand does everything independently, they can set prices lower than their competitors. In particular, Giants carbon frames are sold at very modest prices compared to other high-quality products. Excellent logistics should also be noted. Concerns production facilities in different countries make it possible to minimize the price of the end product, wich is always good for consumer.


Some people complain about design. On one hand, it is bright and stylish, on the other, there’s nothing conspicuous in their design like, for example in GT or Norco.

Iv’e also found complaints on the internet about the leaking rear caliper, and unpleasant sound when breaking, wich comes either from a disc or braking pads. Some complain about vibrations during braking, and poor quality of bearings in pedals.

Some customers are dissatisfied with rear derailleur shift cables on low end models. They strech quickly and often need adjustment. There are no problems with more expensive models because they use hydraulic lines instead of cables for shifting.

As the brake pads rub off, the movement of the brake lever increases and creates certain inconveniences. The problem is solved by replacing the pads.

Cheap models come equipped with plastic pedals that can crumble while riding. This threatens the rider with a calf injury. Aluminum pedals are more reliable and comfortable.

If you set yourself a goal to find negative reviews, then you can find many other complaints. And not only for budget models, but also for rather expensive ones. But if you found a single negative opinion, then it is quite possible that its not bikes fault, but most likely its the rider.

In conclusion

Giant manufactures high quality bikes at affordable prices. They’re bikes are not inferior to products of other famous brands, and in many respects surpass them in quality. When choosing a bicycle keep in mind that there are professional models and budget ones. The gap between them is huge. When it comes to professional models its not all that simple. You need to have some experience to adjust and maintain them. So you need to assess your abilities and needs objectively.

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  1. Hi, very interesting read in regards to mountion bikes, as you know there are so many on the market to choose from.
    I personally have a claud butler with a Two Nine frame and was looking for some upgrades for it. I like Shimano but would like to try some diffrent equipment. After reading this I think I’m going to buy myself a Giant

    Thank you

    1. i’m working on posts regarding components (Shimano/SRAM). i’ll let you know when it will be finished 🙂

  2. Yo dude, honestly this isn’t my area of expertise, but i’m digging the article.
    Keep up the posting ! Looking forward to reading more topics from you.

    1. It’s all good. i will be working on less techy and more interesting posts in the future. So stick around

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