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For a true cyclist every vehicle with two wheels is considered a bike and deserves some attention. At the same time, everybody wants to ride a high quality, reliable model with a loud brand name and an original design. Cannondale bikes are one of the most popular bikes in the world. This company is known not only for their bike models but also for their innovative approaches to solutions.

Cannondale bikes – history

Company owes its existence to the bicycle boom of the 70s, which was associated with the cut off oil supplies from Arab countries. Because of that company started production of unique bicycle trailers called ” Bugger” (marketing department claimed to be unaware of the connotations of the name in British English).

But the future of the company wasn’t so bright. Cannondale struggled financially until early 80s, and was on the verge of bankruptcy and collapse.

Success came in 1983 with unique for that time aluminum road bike frame. The model called “Cannondale ST500” became first step towards companies bright future in cycling world. Soon, more than 15 bike models (including Road bikes, Mountain bikes and touring bikes) with hardened aluminum frames were the products of a young company.

Special manufacturing technologies of high-strenght aluminum frames made Cannondale company a big name for themselves. Manual assembly and an attractive badge ” Made in USA” made Cannondale bikes a product for people who appreciate high quality and uniqueness.

Today Cannondale attracts customers all over the world not only with a wide range of bicycles of various categories, but also by following traditions. Cannondale frames are still handmade in Connecticut. This attracts potential customers – the bike that you purchased is not made by a soulless machine, but by a living person – professional, master of his craft, for whom the quality of the product is his reputation.

To increase sales and the availability of products, it was decided to move part of the production to Asia. As a result, today, unique frames with polished welds and perfect paint jobs are available to most people. At the same time, the quality of bicycles has not changed: both bikes made in America and bikes assembled in Asia are identical in quality. This is achieved by strict control over the production process and attention to detail.

Cannondale bikes – models

Cannondale makes bikes for whole family. Companies models include mountain and road bikes, bikes for men and women as well as sufficient number of models for kids.

  • Cannondale Road bikes are attractive for their history and excellent reputation. Such a bike can become a reliable friend both to a professional athlete with a set of titles and achievements, and to a beginner who uses such bike to ride on flat city roads. Everybody can choose themselves a racing bike, training bike or a bike for everyday riding.
  • Cannondale Mountain bikes are divided into four categories: classic trail series (simple but robust design, excellent riding characteristics), the F and F-SI models (hardtails with excellent maneuverability), the popular full suspension “SCALPEL” and “RUSH” (perfect for riding cross-country and downhill) and full suspension “Jekill” and “Trigger” (models for riding bike parks and downhill).
  • Cannondale City bikes are ideal for riding in big cities. The well-recognized Bad Boy and Hooligan models have become an integral part of the urban cycling community. First model is distinguished by its well-thought-out frame geometry and high-class equipment, the second one with its maneuverability and durability. Among urban bikes also stands out “Quick” hybrid model, combining the excellent qualities of a fast road bike and an all-terrain mountain bike.
  • Cannondale bikes for Women line up includes both professional racing and training bikes, as well as typical urban models or so-called fitness bikes designed to keep fit.
  • Cannondale  Kids Bikes are comfortable and convenient for teaching kids and getting them into a healthy lifestyle early in their life. Beautiful and bright models attract attention of kids of all ages.

What owners say

Cannondale bikes deserve special attention. This is due not only their characteristics, but also to a combination of stylish design, high quality assembly and components, reliability and moderate cost. Companies products are not widely available, however, funds spent on the purchase of one of the models will not go down the drain.


  • Reliability and quality of a product. Strong frames welded by hand withstand serious loads even on rough terrain.
  • Geometry of the frame and optimal parameters of the design make the process of riding these bikes pleasant, effortless and extremely healthy.
  • High quality of components, as well as the possibility of warranty, replacement of the frame in case of damage attracts potential customers around the world. But it is important to remember that in order to obtain warranty, it is necessary to purchase a bicycle from an authorized dealer and be the first owner of a bike.
  • Stylish design. The sleek look of Cannondale models attracts both young people and middle-aged people. In their line up you can find both bright and expressive colors, suitable for creative people, and strict dark color options. Huge assortment of models allows you to choose the optimal color and design for most demanding taste.

Cannondale bikes are known for combination of reliability, quality and stylish design. These bikes are suitable for amateurs, and seasoned athletes. Make your acquaintance with world of cycling, using quality products with reputation.

Cannondale facts

  1. Cannondale has become an innovator in use of aluminum in places where steel has previously ruled: frames from this lightweight and durable material are still considered to be the hallmark of the company.
  2. The company’s innovative experiments did not end: in 1990, Cannondale began the production of full suspension mountain bikes, which soon became the norm for most bicycle factories.
  3. First 29 inch wheel size bikes for women are also Cannondales merit.
  4. Their ultra lightweight frame “Six13” not only had numerous victories associated with it, but also a couple of scandals. Because it was so lightweight it was banned from official races. This resulted in a protest movement on Tour de France named “Legalize my Cannondale”.
  5. Cannondale brand bikes are the most titled in the world: the World Championships, Tour de France, Giro de Italy, the Italian Championship — this is not a complete list of the victories of these legendary bikes. This is not counting mountain biking, in which 17 World Cups were won in a fairly short time, and many other competitions.
  6. One of the co-owners of Cannondale company is well-known basketball player LeBron James
  7. All components for bikes of the highest price category are produced in United States, and assembled – in Netherlands.

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  1. So if i was looking for a bike, mainly on road but being able to go off raod(forest tracks) would i be better off with a mountain bike or a hybrid.
    what is the difference in weight, handling, ability to put on a car bike rack?
    what about tyres- what would be the best types to put on for both on and off road.
    I am fairly new at this so any information would be gratefully appreciated.
    many thanks

    1. I advise you to get either a hybrid or a gravel bike, with semi-slick tires. you can pretty much transport all types of bikes on a bike rack. The higher the price of a model the more lightweight it will be (usually). If you are going for a mountain bike, then get yourself an XC bike (hardtail?) with 80-100mm of travel. But it’s all up to personal preferences.

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